Tricia Heatley

Energy Healing using Usui Reiki

A session with Reiki Master Tricia includes chakra balancing, aura cleansing and a Reiki infused crystal.

Being a true Cancerian, Tricia has always been instinctively helpful, guiding others through emotional and practical challenges in their lives. Following her supportive and encouraging disposition, she practiced nursing for 12 years, raised and nurtured her three (now grown-up) children, was a teacher for 10 years and co-owner of a consulting business for 10 years.

In 2012, Tricia’s profound spiritual connection to universal consciousness turned into an appreciation for complementary medicines and she began to focus on combining her life experiences and empathic nature with energy healing. She is qualified to Reiki Master level 3.


“I have stage 4 cancer and had a major operation, after my sixth chemotherapy session I researched Reiki as a further treatment to aid healing. I was amazed how relaxing it was and imagined all the bad cells being lifted out of me and leaving my body and I feel really positive afterwards. I feel well, calm and love the productivity I get from my reiki sessions. Thank you Tricia for your care and support. The crystal I receive at each sessions is a bonus”. Jules, May 2018

“My first Reiki session was with a lovely warm lady called Tricia who explained to me a bit about Reiki. The session was very calm and relaxing for me. I felt heat sensations particularly near the shoulders and the heart. Tricia explained the reasons were due to stuck emotions, which was the main reason for me having Reiki. I was really pleased with my treatment and I would recommend to anyone. Let Tricia work her wonderful magical hands on you!” S.D., May 2018

Tricia is a compassionate, intuitive healer and clairvoyant who channels Reiki and works with precious stones to relieve physical pain and discomfort, reduce emotional and mental stress and promote well-being for women, men and children who need natural healing in their lives. She loves to swim, is a keen artist and loves strolling across the Worcestershire fields with her ‘adopted’ dog, Napoleon.

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