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What is Threading?

Threading hair is an ancient method commonly practiced in Eastern countries such as Egypt and India but has become very popular here in the West. Threading removes the entire hair follicle, lasting up to 6 weeks for some people.

How Does it Work?

A cotton thread coil travels along unwanted hair in a twisting motion trapping the hair and lifting it from the follicle.

One could be forgiven for assuming the treatment is yet another painful surrender to beauty, however it really is not too bad. The area will have a redness for a short period (on average 20 minutes) but the discomfort is less than that of tweezing and much faster. Some people say they have very little pain from threading, but it has a lot to do with the skill of the technician. Some technicians use a warm compress to relax the hair follicle for an easier exit and apply a numbing spray prior to epilation for those with a low tolerance to any discomfort.

You will be treated in a relaxing, comfortable environment: offering you a couch to lie on rather than a chair to sit on.

Threading is usually carried out in a private therapy room rather than an open space.

Wishing Well practitioners work with ‘you’ and guide you to correctly ‘stretch’ the area being threaded.

You can have a break if you need it – you are not rushed.

A lavender infused powder can be applied for those who feel any discomfort.

Different grades of thread are used suited to your hair type.


HD Brows

Due to the precision being down to an individual hair that threading offers, it is easy to create any look you want, be it High Definition or a perfect curve but without the high costs normally associated!

Patchy/Uneven/Thin/Overgrown Brows

Threading is great for long term correction be it uneven eyebrows, patchy or very overgrown. It is excellent for thickening ‘super thin over plucked’ brows with the key being regular treatment.

Facial Hair Removal

Threading is not exclusive to eyebrows alone. Many of our clients use it as long term hair removal from the face including the upper lip, chin, neck, forehead and sides of face.

Appointment times are an average of 20 mins including consultation for eyebrow threading.

Therapist: Manie Obbi-Nega