Steve Lowe BA(Hons) – LicAc – MBAcC

Steve trained at the College of Traditional Acupuncture (CTA) in Warwick and is a member of the British Acupuncture Council, the organisation representing professional acupuncturists in the UK. The BAcC promotes and maintains standards of training, practice and ethics; providing a framework that exists to ensure the confidence and safety of the general public.

Steve has worked with a wide variety of people, wishing to address a range of health issues. He engages in continued professional training on a regular basis and in the last twelve months has taken part in courses that have explored the use of auricular (ear) needling techniques, acupuncture in relation to the face and head and the treatment of trigger points to relieve muscular skeletal pain.

Some people explore the use of acupuncture in the support of male and female reproductive health and fertility. Steve has studied the use of techniques utilised in this area of specialism and implemented them in the treatment room.

In the East Asian medical paradigm a “well person” aims to have treatment to adjust to each season. Here in the West our health and well-being is challenged by numerous factors, putting us under stresses which can manifest in a variety of complaints. As well as aiming to relieve pain and symptoms of illness, acupuncture can be used to maintain a balance so that ill health is less likely to manifest.

The idea behind the clinical approach taught at CTA was that of treating patients rather than symptoms, although needling protocols to address the latter are used by Steve as and when appropriate. With this stated, each person is unique and treatments are planned accordingly. The rationale that underpins this approach is that the root cause underlying a particular illness for one person may be different to that of another. This is carefully considered when treatments are thought through prior to implementation.

As well treating people managing different health issues, Steve also offers facial revitalisation appointments, which can incorporate acupuncture and gua sha – a gentle East Asian massage technique.

An initial private consultation, which will include your first treatment, lasts up to an hour and a half and follow up treatments up to an hour. Steve operates under his own licence and is covered to practise acupuncture by his BAcC membership. He practises under the name of “Willow Acupuncture”. Further details can be found at

Steve generally treats at The Wishing Well on Tuesday evenings and Wednesday mornings, but may also be available at other times by negotiation. Please contact reception to book an appointment.

Steve offers Acupuncture at The Wishing Well.

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