Sam Walker Dip CNM

Reflexology, Nutrition & Alkalising, Allergy & Mineral Testing
Sam’s interest in nutrition was born out of her personal history of ill health which was resolved by eliminating problem foods and totally changing the way she ate which then transformed her health and sparked a passion for learning more about the power of nutrition.

Sam’s particular interest is in using on-the-spot allergy testing, mineral testing and also alkalising techniques to heal gut health which is almost always the root of most common and chronic health issues. Sam is passionate about using and educating people to use the power of nature to help cure whilst also finding and eliminating underlying and sometimes hidden or not obvious reasons for ill health in people to increase healing.

Sam is also passionate about educating people about the hidden toxicity that we are all being exposed to everyday and helping people to start to eliminate these toxins in favour of more natural and pure choices which can play an important role in preventing chronic disease in us all.
Sam also advocates using the forces of nature for healing such as walking in nature, swimming in the sea, grounding, foraging and tries to practise these techniques in her own life wherever possible as well as inspiring others to do so.