Sally Haynes-Preece

After more than 30 years working as a hospital pharmacist, in 2007 I went through a profound time doing some much needed life laundry. 2 years later I embarked on learning my first holistic therapy… Reiki. Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Indian Head Massage followed over the next few years. Then a friend I had made on the journey told me about a new class she had discovered called ‘qigong’ (pronounced chee gung).

The class was too far away for me to go, but my friend not only went to classes but actually trained as a teacher…..and one day when I went to visit her she said ‘Can I use you as a guinea pig and do some qigong with you?’ It was quite an experience, I knew I wanted to take it further and last year I also trained as a teacher.

On the face of it this is all a long way away from my origins as a pharmacist… but I actually see my pharmacy work and my holistic work as two sides of the same coin. Why?

Even as a pharmacist I did (and still do) put a lot of emphasis on helping patients understand their medicines so they take them correctly. As a holistic therapist although I practice on people (Reiki and massage), I also have techniques people can use for themselves. I am a Reiki Master so I can also teach people Reiki for self-healing. I can teach NLP, self-hypnosis and meditation. I can also prepare Aromatherapy products for people to use themselves.

I have one simple passionate belief… If you don’t look after yourself, no-one else will.
I believe in empowering people to take control of their own health, because how healthy we are depends on the choices we make. What we choose to eat and drink, what we think, what we do…..including exercise.

Sally teaches Tai Chi Qigong at The Wishing Well.