Yvonne Toms

Yvonne Toms

Holistic Therapies & Specialist Ayurvedic Treatments

"I am currently 49 years, with 3 children: Saffron, Conor and India, living in Kidderminster with my Partner Alex. Since embracing motherhood with both arms, it does not give you a lot of time to concentrate on your self - your own aspirations and desires. Prior to being a mother my career expanded in the secretarial field, achieving exceptionally good positions, but I could not see myself as a career person in this fast paced industry, and never felt comfortable. I vowed never to set foot into another office when I returned to work once my children were more independent.

"A few years ago I became associated with Hare Krishna devotees, whose philosophies I found uplifting and breath-taking, seeing things in another perspective, which seemed to make sense. It made me take a step back and look at myself and my life in such a different way. I think this is where the alternative part of me definitely came out. We still associate with the devotees, their calm spiritual nature is so infectious.

"Quite some time ago I was given a gift of an Indian Head Massage treatment. The treatment was wonderful and uplifting, taking me to another plain. I knew immediately I had to do this treatment myself. Consequently, I enrolled myself on a 6 month course to achieve a diploma for Indian Head Massage, which I achieved in February 2003. I was so inspired by this alternative treatment and it felt right that I should be doing it, I decided another therapy would be beneficial to myself and if alternative therapies was the road I wanted to go down, then another treatment to offer clients was definitely the way forward.

"I chose aromatherapy because a former colleague had recommended the treatment and the use of essential oils means that aromatherapy is an extremely beautiful treatment. This was obviously the starting block for me to progress with my treatments, following on with Reflexology and Energetic Aromatherapy. Reflexology being more of a non-invasive treatment to offer clients, but still with amazing results, which still astounds me when I discover issues which the client has not declared to me.

"I initially worked from home, building up a small client base, to build on my technique and confidence. Thereafter, I free-lanced for the following:

  • Sands Ladies Gym, Kidderminster
  • Stillwaters Holistic Centre, Worcester
  • Worcester County Council, Children Centres (Pampering Sessions)
  • Raydiance, Kidderminster
  • Phi-nix Hair & Beauty, Hagley
  • Elizabeth and Giovannies, Hair and Beauty

"I have also attended various yoga retreats demonstrating Indian Head Massage, and explaining benefits to all. I have attended ladies pamper evenings, summer fetes, charity events, all giving taster sessions of various treatments.
I have a lovely client base, I believe in all clients gaining benefits from not only massage, but also a spiritual awareness and all round wellbeing."

Yvonne offers specialist Ayurvedic Massage and Facials at the Wishing Well. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian treatment which means the knowledge of life and evaluates the whole body to give you a bespoke treatment. The treatment works on marma points of the body to expand the energy within, thereby releasing congestion, inflammation and locked emotions. Each treatment leaves you revitalised and rejuvenated.

Yvonne offers Aromatherapy, Ayurvedic Massage & Facials, Holistic Facials, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology at The Wishing Well.