Ray Smith

Ray Smith

Ray Smith Dip.Hyp. MBACP

Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, EFT, EMDR Practitioner.

  • Counselling
  • Couples Counselling
  • Psychotherapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Reiki
  • Reiki Trainer
  • EMDR
  • NLP

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Hi, I’m Ray and I have been a trained counsellor and Psychotherapist for many years. Sometimes people are concerned to use the words ‘I need to see a counsellor’ when all it actually is, is someone to talk to when things in life are not going as well as you want. Family members pass away and leave us feeling bereft or relationships might not be living up to what we want them to be. I can help with all of these feelings and emotions.

I have worked alongside successful people who are suffering from anxiety, people who have needed help with depression, bereavement, sexual abuse, couples counselling, stress related issues, work, addictive tendencies, addiction problems, marriage counselling, poor relationships with alcohol and drugs, domestic abuse (male and female), anger management, obsessive compulsive phobias, self-esteem issues, issues with food, family counselling. I have helped them and can help you!

I  specialise in dealing with relationship counselling or couples counselling. I can assure you nothing is a surprise. There is no shame, just an offer of a non judgmental ear for both parties. I can help show you both the way forward. More importantly we can start to talk.

Whether you are in a same sex relationship, whether you have been together 5 days or 50 years, married, living together - whatever your situation...if you want help to move your relationship forward I can do this. Just a phone call away at the Wishing Well. A couple who stays together, talks together = that is really cheesy I know but it is true.

When you are ready to call, there is no pressure to see me. We can just have a friendly chat to see if I can help. And I want to say YOU CAN BE HELPED. Sometimes we just need to get it all out and then let it all go. This is all done in a relaxed and professional way. No one tells you what to say. No one makes you talk about what you do not want to talk about.YOU HAVE THE CONTROL.


Anxiety/fears & phobia/life issues/balancing work, Life, Family/learning to relax/getting the life you want/breaking through barriers

  • Fears & Phobias
  • Not sleeping
  • Can’t Relax
  • Nothing else works

So what is hypnotherapy? Am I a magician with a watch swinging it back and forth in front of your eyes and then making you do chicken dances. Of course not! Hypnotherapy addresses the person’s mind and uses the power of suggestion for beneficial change for that person. In a nutshell, hypnotherapy is deeply relaxing and when the person is deeply relaxed they are more open to the power of positive thought. This has been used for many centuries and is a very safe technique. It can be used for many different issues.

Counselling and hypnotherapy can go hand in hand, depending on the person and what they want help with. It could be that you just want help with public speaking but clam up and this is holding you back, it could be that you desperately want to stop smoking and just cannot. It could be that massive terrifying fear which freezes you on the spot when you see a spider, bird or fly and is really starting to affect your life and you are fed up of it.

Hypnotherapy can help.

Reiki – Healing Hands

  • Healing hands/holistic therapy/relaxation/Giving & Receiving/lighten the load/Effectively feeling better
  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Aches & Pains
  • Balance & Positivity
  • Natural & Safe

Reiki is a technique for stress reduction which helps ‘tap into our natural energy.’ Even though it sounds a bit unusual it really is not, it is just an ancient technique which has been used for hundreds of years that helps. Stress, tiredness, aching, feeling like the get up and go has got up and gone. It helps with everything. It is gentle, harmless, natural, healing and makes you feel balanced and re-energised. It works by treating the whole person – mind, body and spirit and makes you feel 10 foot tall afterwards. It helps you feel balanced and that the world is a manageable place

What is a “Reiki treatment” – it is basically healing using the hands. Hands are placed at various different parts of the body where the energy flows and helps heal the individual – whether this is spiritual healing or physical healing. Afterwards clients literally feel lighter as they feel whatever they have been carrying around has gone. Clients have described it as feeling lighter and taller.

Life coaching & courses

We live in a time where money is important and we have bills to pay. I genuinely run my business to help people, not to get rich. That is why I have various different courses which will help financially and make it possible for you to get the help and support you need. As I have said my name is Ray and all you need to do is pick up the phone and speak to me – that is the first step.

I’m here to help

I started counselling many years ago to make a difference – I was in a period of my life where everything seemed to be going wrong and had no one to talk to. I was thinking is this is as good as it gets…and no it is not as good as it gets…it can be better and it will be better. The hardest battle is the one to ask for help or just asking for a hand. That does not mean you are a failure it means that you just need a bit of help now. Whatever that is bothering you can be talked through. Just call.

There is always a light

​Sometimes in our darkest hour when we just cannot get up anymore and we cannot see the light – always believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel because there is. There is always someone who loves you and cares about you – for some reason the light is just a bit dimmer. I can help you see the light again and feel the light again.

You Do Not Need To Travel The Road Alone

​See that road…it has got two lanes…not one but two…that means there is room for you and a passenger if you like. Life can be a lonely journey but only if you CHOOSE a lonely journey. I can simply drive next to you until we get to a single carriageway and you are ready to go the rest of the journey by yourself. It is nothing more complicated than that. When you are facing phobias these can leave you on the footpath of life going nowhere – I can help you let go of the fear and get moving on the road.

  • Mind Therapy
  • Body Therapy
  • Spiritual Therapy

​Stress, anxiety, depression, bereavement, guilt, abuse, addiction, separations, couples, drifting apart, aches, pains, insomnia, can’t sleep, restless, smoking, overeating, under eating, neglect, unloved, can’t love, want to be loved, breathing, panic, panic attacks, distraught, nothing left….we can help you get through this….