Meet the Team

We are a small, friendly team with a BIG personality!

All of us here have an avid interest in wellbeing and are here to help and support every single person who walks into The Wishing Well.

In no particular order...

*Tracey Barnes*

Tracey is a funny, out-going and extremely organised individual. Having previously worked as Manager at a beautiful holistic shop and therapy venue in Birmingham, Tracey has joined us as Manager here at The Wishing Well for a new challenge. We know that she is going to be a magical presence here while keeping everything and everyone in check!

*Samantha Bray*

Sam is an invaluable asset to our wonderful team. Always smiling with an incredibly warm personality. Having spent a decade in palliative care she lives and breaths compassion like no other. Sam is very intuitive and very creative, she is embraced by staff and customers alike.

*Tricia Heatley*

Charming, happy and caring, Tricia has firmly established herself as one of The Wishing Well family. We could not do without her! Coming from a background in nursing, she now practices daily meditation and Reiki ensuring that she is well-grounded and can channel the positive feelings on to those around her.

*Clare Abbiss*

Clare has a  Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology and loves seeing the positive changes her clients experience following treatment! She is a wonderful addition to The Wishing Well team and always very helpful to staff, practitioners and customers alike. Having once worked for a Facilities Management company, Clare is THE best at keeping us all in order, ensuring that the premises is  functioning to the best of it's ability - she is a keeper!