Lynette Fryer

Lynette Fryer

Lynette Fryer M.C.O.H, AAMET, IIHHT VTCT

Energy Field Healer / Therapist

 I have been a Therapist for many years and the main area of my work has developed into assisting individuals to understand and heal their soul and themselves through Energy Field Healing.  

The Energy Field holds a wealth of information and wisdom all about you.  Everyone has their own personal unique energetic vibration and by intuitively connecting with the energy field, I am able to access many different levels of soul and multi-dimensional consciousness.  By doing this I can often see, hear and sense what is needed to resolve issues, understanding ‘you’ on a deeper level and support you to restore balance.

The therapeutic process of healing is ultimately directed by you. When working with a healer and the natural flow of universal energy, it can uncover all kinds of amazing insights, which bring about clarity, well-being and transformation.  

My Background

Since my career began I have worked with individuals, professionals and groups of people of all ages in various different roles. I have run a Business & also worked in the Criminal Justice Service; Children, Young People & Families Teams; the Youth Offending Service; Private and Public Sectors; Schools; Drug & Alcohol Treatment; Health and Well-being Services; City Council; Community, Charity, Care and Voluntary Organisations.

Whilst working in those roles I developed a passion and interest in holistic therapies. I have studied ancient, traditional, spiritual, alternative and holistic ways of living. In addition I have undertaken in-depth training in a wide range of therapeutic modalities, including gaining professional Diploma’s in Indian Head Massage and Healing.

My Approach

With all of my training, life experiences, intuition, knowledge and skills I have developed a type of support, which enables me to work in an integrative way.  

I offer support whilst encouraging clients to connect with their own inner wisdom, guidance and highest potential. During sessions I am able to create an atmospheric and safe space to facilitate deep change, whilst working to improve physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

I am deeply committed to my own personal, professional and spiritual development, which I teach and share with others. I follow a strict ethical Code of Conduct and maintain Professional Standards. I am a member of The College of Healing, UK Healers and relevant Professional Bodies and Organisations. I possess an Enhanced CRB Check and have relevant qualifications and experience.