Jean Howes

Jean Howes

Hello and welcome, my name is Jean. I am a natural healer but am also Reiki I & II attuned, plus I am also attuned to Higher Realm Reiki which means that the healing that is channelled through myself is done so by a higher energy vibration. This form of healing can be used to realign your chakras and is great for physical and emotional pain.
Along with the Reiki I can also offer crystal healing which is extremely powerful and again can realign your chakras and also help you to feel rebalanced and more focussed.

I also offer psychic & mediumistic readings by using tarot and by linking with my guide to channel messages from loved ones in the spirit world.  I can also offer psychometry which involves holding an item of a loved ones for communication.

All of my work is done with love, positivity and a caring approach.  If you do choose to have a treatment/reading from myself THANK YOU and thank you for taking the time to look at my profile.

Love and peace to you


Jean offers Reiki with Crystal Healing, Psychic Readings using Tarot and Psychometry.


"Healing has really helped me. 8-9 months ago, I was in quite a dark place and there was quite a bit of anxiety there along with negativity and emotional pain.
I remember thinking I couldn't see myself 2-3, even 6 months from now there was just darkness. It's now hard to imagine myself thinking that way as I'm a totally different person. It didnt happen over night but, healing for me, changed my life in more ways than one. But that's also to do with having such a great healer. Jean has helped me a lot in which I am thankful and grateful for. Not only did this benefit me getting back on track with life and positive way of thinking, it brought me calmness so the anxiety went, but most importantly it helped me to find peace within myself and to love myself, and brought forth who I really am."