Hot Stone Reflexology

Reflexology AND Hot Stone treatments are THE perfect combination. The heat from the stones which the practitioner uses to work deeper into the reflex points promises to not only send you further into a state of relaxation, but allows the reflexes to experience greater stimulation.

Carolene Allison uses multiple versions of reflexology which can be performed to specifically target certain complaints. Please see the list below for all of the options - the treatments which are in bold are including hot stones:




Revitalising energy boost

Ideal for fatigue or if you are at a low ebb – 45 minutes


Relaxation/calming treatment

Perfect for stress relief – 45 minutes


Balancing/holistic treatment

For existing medical conditions (eg: Hypertension, Diabetes, Arthritis and hormonal problems) – 45 minutes


Detox/weight loss

Perfect for cleansing and balance, and increasing your metabolic rate to help weight loss – 45 minutes


Muscle/joint ache relief

Ideal for aches and pains, including post-sports or gym – 45 minutes



A lunch break pick me up – 30 minutes


Full hot stone reflexology treatment

Treating all body organs and systems with the added benefits of hot stone – 1 hour 15 minutes


Hot stones foot treatment

Hot stone foot massage – 1 hour


Full reflexology treatment

Treating all body organs and systems – 1 hour



Therapist: Carolene Allison