Holli Young


I have been practising Reflexology and Massage Therapy for many years now and love nothing more than to help and support people to feel great.

I see so many of us on a day to day basis, experience feelings of emotional instability - stress, anxiety, low moods, irritability, nervousness, fatigue - and I have seen really positive results from people giving themselves that one hour a week where they empty their minds and relax.

By removing yourself from the everyday, you are enablingĀ a great deal of inner healing.

Reflexology and massage areĀ amazing facilitators in generating that calm, positive person that we all wish to be.

If you would like to book a relaxing Reflexology session, Reflexology with a back massage or Indian Head Massage, then I am available every Tuesday and Friday.

I am member of the FHT which is an accepted professional organisation with some Healthcare Insurance providers so you could claim your money back! Please check with your providers.

Please call the Wishing Well on 01527 570838.


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