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We help parents work in the best interests of their children.

Going through conflict, breakdown in communications and/or making the decision to separate or divorce is one of the hardest things anyone will ever do – and when there is a child or children involved we know this gets even more difficult. We help and support parents when they need it the most. Our specialist and impartial support is designed to help parents who have made the decision to separate or divorce. The Parenting Apart Programme enables parents to form and develop a good, respectful working parent relationship. Our support is a real lasting and proven alternative to the costs, time, and emotional damage of litigation.


Our approach significantly reduces the time and cost that would be incurred through a traditional Court approach which could be up to £16k and 18 months in duration. Our timescales and lasting agreements dramatically reduce the trauma faced by the child caught up in the middle, by giving you the right in depth advice and support from the outset.

Parenting Apart Programme (PAP)

The programme has been specifically designed to support parents, and the emotional wellbeing of children, through separation and divorce. It offers unique and individual advice and support which enables the outcome to be positive and beneficial to the whole family whilst prioritising the emotional and physical wellbeing of the children. The Parenting Apart Programme (PAP) has created a unique methodology to develop and implement a Parent Working Agreement (PWA) for parents who have made the decision to separate or divorce.

The PAP is bespoke in offering an initial 5-week programme – this consists of seeing parents individually for the first two sessions followed by three joint meetings, all of which take place on a weekly basis. Furthermore, parents can also commit to a 7-week programme which offers the two individual sessions to parents, followed by five joint weekly meetings. Please contact the office for prices and a full breakdown of availability.

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Legal & Professional

Family Law Solicitors regularly refer clients to undertake the Parenting Apart Programme, offering clients another form of dispute resolution to assist and support parents regarding childcare matters. The difference between Mediation and the Parenting Apart Programme is that the PAP will always prioritise and advise on the best interest of the children and their emotional well being.

As an independent service to support families the PAP is identified as a voluntary process/programme to support parents unless otherwise directed by the Courts. We facilitate supervised and supported contacts, handovers and support the wishes and feelings of the children if required. We can provide Court reports and give evidence in Court as an expert witness if required.

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