Caroline Forsyth-Ball

Caroline brings the Metta Me Massage to The Wishing Well.

“The 'Metta Me Massage’ story so far is an interesting one… I have worked in the Fashion Industry for 20 years as a Buyer, Designer and Brand manager in UK, Europe and Australia for a variety of companies including Paul Smith, Next, Levi’s, Calvin Klein, Nike and Sportsgirl.

When I retuned to the UK 3 years ago, I became a lecturer in Fashion at a local college. I wanted to share my stories and experiences with a fresh new generation of individuals and I must admit, I have found the experience a rewarding one.

Out of all the jobs, past and present, becoming a mother has by far been the most rewarding, challenging and creative role I have undertaken to date. I am even more passionate now about understanding and sharing an alternative, safer and healthier pathway for my children. I have always been interested in the benefits of wellbeing, Meditation, Aromatherapy and Massage. Since experiencing the benefits of Reflexology at an early age when treating IBS symptoms (something I have suffered with since I was 14), I have always tried to bring alternative or more holistic solutions into my world.

Now my children are at school age, I have finally followed my heart and re-trained; embarking on a new and exciting direction offering a range of complementary massage therapies. The range of treatments include Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy Massage, Indian Head Massage, Hot Stone Massage and Mechanical G5 Massage - a great one for those of us who need a little work on specific areas to support toning.

Metta means in Buddhism the 'loving kindness'. 'Metta Me Massage' offers a moment of me time and a chance to celebrate loving kindness to support our wonderful, exciting, busy, hectic, stressful modern lives and take a few moments to remember perhaps the most important part of it all – you. 'Me time' is a necessity, not a luxury. Loving kindness can be seen as a luxury, but it is a necessity if we are to believe and love the life we live."