At the heart of the practice of Reiki is the belief in an unseen life force that flows through each of us. When our life force is high we are most likely to be healthy and happy.

A Reiki healer is someone who has trained to draw on the unlimited supply of universal energy and use it to benefit those who are experiencing unwanted symptoms because their own life force is disrupted or diminished. Your life force may have become affected by anything from daily work stress or family upsets to a major life crisis, loss or bereavement. The resulting negative thoughts and emotions then go on to have a negative effect on your health and wellbeing. This may mean a lack of vitality, low moods, back pain or headaches but could equally and in the longer term affect your major organs, reproductive system or nervous system.

While receiving Reiki you will remain fully clothed, lying on a couch or sitting on a comfortable chair. Your healer can use the lightest of touches to a series of locations on your head, the back of your neck or your torso. If preferred, your healer can keep their hands just above the surface of your skin and can heal without touching. You may experience a feeling of heat in the treated areas but this is entirely subjective and sometimes people describe coolness or subtle pulsations in the area being treated.

After a session of Reiki many people report feeling refreshed or energised and being able to think more clearly. Conversely, some people find that they feel tired and in need of rest, which can be the body's natural response to the changes created by the therapy and its way of assisting in the healing process. Like any traditional or holistic therapy, response will vary from person to person and the effect may also be more subtle and cumulative, so that even people who do not notice much the first time may have deeper experiences if they continue with the therapy. A traditional recommendation for Reiki would be a course of four sessions with your healer. This will give you time to evaluate your treatment and fully assess what benefits you as an individual are receiving.

A frequently reported result of a first Reiki session is that it is followed by a good night's sleep!

Therapists: Kirst Clarke,  Tricia HeatleyLaura Higgins, Ray Smith,

Ron Prescott & Sam Sample