Ayurvedic Tri-dosha Skincare Facials


General Ayurvedic Facial Information

The body has 107 marma points, which are areas where we hold congestion, inflammation and blocked energies. Many of these marma points are located on the face and through periods of anxiety/stress/insomnia/headaches, these can get blocked and have an ageing effect.  An Ayurvedic facial will work on the marma points releasing blockages, expanding the energy flow and give a feeling of clarity to the mind. 

After a brief consultation, ascertaining your facial constitution, ie Vata, Pitta or Kapha, working with the relevant tri-dosha oil, a half hour anti-ageing oilation facial will leave your mind feeling more relaxed and calm. Following this, a scrub and mask are applied, finishing with your dosha (constitution) day cream.

The Ayurvedic facials are particularly beneficial for Vata/pitta doshas, who can be more prone to holding on to stress and struggle with sleep.  The treatment will put a little more balance into your life leaving you feeling rejuvenated and a release of stagnant energies.


Face Lift

This wonderful Ayurvedic facial involves the continual flow of oilation techniques and massage over the marmas to detox and nourish. A face mask is then applied which sets within 10 minutes allowing the practitioner to further relax you by massaging the hands and feet. The facial is then concluded with the application of Rosewater toner and moisturiser using marma techniques.

Holistic Glow

A luxurious marma massage which releases congestion and blocked energy. It has anti-ageing benefits using a scrub, mask (hot and cold compress) and finishing with a moisturiser.

Deep Cleanse

The Deep Cleanse is a marma massage as above. There is a deep exfoliation followed by facial pinda sweda massage (releasing herbs and oils along marma points along with lymphatic drainage) concluding with a mask and moisturiser.

Ayurvedic Facial tips!

If your skin is in need of some extra TLC, we would recommend regular Holistic Glows or the Deep Cleanse to complement your normal skincare routine. If you are particularly stressed and in need of rejuvenation or a general uplift, then we would recommend the Face Lift facial.

Therapist: Yvonne Toms