Amy Rose Foyle

My love for practising Sports Massage Therapy was born out of the benefits I felt from being a client myself for years.  I practised Muay Thai for 2 and a half years, Brazilian Jui-Jitsu for 2 and Mixed Martial Arts, as a whole, for under 2 years.  I did manage to get myself in the cage a few times and survived numerous fight camps for myself and my peers. I couldn’t have trained as hard or as much as I did without the aid of Sports Massage.

Nowadays I keep myself out of the fight cage but am still very much into keeping fit and healthy.  I understand the hard work that goes into any discipline and have enjoyed working with many athletes from a wide range of backgrounds.

I am constantly wanting to improve my knowledge and add to my repertoire in the sports massage sphere.  I will always be booked onto a future course or looking for my next event to work at!

However, this is not to say my Sports Massage Therapy is only for those who are gym-goers or weight lifters.  I have many clients who come from occupations that place a lot of stress on certain muscles.  Standing up for prolonged periods, working in a seated position or repetitive movements are some of the abundance of issues why my clients make a visit.

My also offer Swedish Massage and Hot Stone Therapy.  If you need help relaxing or maybe some aches and pains removed in a more soothing way - then these are the therapies for you.  I will always work to your pressure preference and we can cater the massage to exactly what your muscles need.

My Hot Stone Therapy can include chakra placement if desired.  If you believe in life energy then the chakras connect with the flow of energy within you.  They revitalise your ‘praana’ or ‘chi’ and can help unblock any bad flowing energies.

Whatever you feel you need help with, please contact me and we will work together to reach your goals.  I work from The Wishing Well on Saturdays from 10am until 2pm. 

Please note: Before attending a sports massage appointment a consultation form will need to be filled out and sent back to me. Thank you.

Amy practices Sports Therapy, Swedish and Hot Stones Massages on Saturdays here at The Wishing Well.  She may also be available on other days.

Call us to book: 01527 570838