Lucy Lewis

Holistic Fertility

Lucy is a holistic fertility and wellness coach and therapist. Having experienced her
own fertility issues, she has spent the last eight years training in and researching
fertility, wellbeing and holistic therapies.

She has spent many years campaigning female empowerment and working with
women to be the best version of themselves offering healing and balancing

She runs a Holistic Fertility clinic at the Wishing Well Bromsgrove offering a number
of therapies tailored to the needs of her clients, these include:

  • Fertility and Sacral Massage
    Fertility Reflexology
    Acupressure Massage
    Fertility and Wellness Coaching

Her vision is to treat the whole woman, to get our minds and bodies in balance
ensuring the best possible environment for conception.

Chakra Equilibrium Massage
By combining the unique Chakra balancing oils with deep tissue massage,
reflexology and  chakra energy work, this massage focuses on the body’s seven
energy centres and aims  restore balance. The innovative, multi-massage approach
leads to stress relief, decreased  muscular tension and increased energy.

Some of the wonderful health benefits of this treatment include:

• Reduced stress and anxiety
• Increased feelings of calm
• Increased focus, overall health and wellness

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