Lisa Smith

‘As one door of happiness closes another one opens; but often we do not see the one which has been opened for us’
Helen Keller

Persistently unhappy?
Feeling of not coping?
Relationship problems (including arranged marriage)?
Ill health (including eating disorders)?
Anxious all the time?

What is the problem?

Often what the problem is, is we do not know what the problem is, therefore we repeatedly make the same mistakes and follow the same patterns.

Sometimes we do know what the problem is, but we feel unable to move forward and just know that we want something to change.

How may Emotional Therapeutic Counselling help?
Choosing any kind of therapy is difficult, but when it comes to emotional issues, not only are there lots of options but the selection process becomes more complex because we are in a place in which we feel vulnerable, anxious and maybe even confused.

Emotional Therapeutic Counselling gives clients a safe, non-judgemental and supportive environment to explore their feelings no matter what is going on. Using a variety of techniques we explore past and present situations looking at links to our emotions. Working through emotional pain can help us to move forward, make necessary changes and lead to greater personal growth.

About Lisa Smith MFETC (DIP)


  • MFET (DIP)
  • Practicing Member of the Foundation for Emotional Therapy since 2009
  • Member of the National Counselling Society
  • Reiki Practitioner since 2005
  • Healthcare professional for 20 years

I have complete belief that Emotional Therapeutic Counselling helps people and I regularly witness how effective it can be for people suffering with emotional turmoil. I believe its success is based on the fact that emotional wellbeing is key to a fulfilling life and that in order to heal emotions, you have to get in touch with both the past and present. I work with clients to look at all aspects of their life and help them reach a greater understanding of self. In this way they gain personal strength, find inner peace and restore balance. I believe that by providing a safe, secure and non-judgemental environment for my clients to talk through their emotional pain can aid relief and allow clients to move forward with their lives.

I subscribe to a code of professional conduct and have a commitment to ongoing training and supervision to ensure the Foundation for Emotional Therapeutic Counselling standards are met.

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