Karen Gywnn

Karen has been a registered Homeopath for almost 20 years. She qualified in 1997, after a four year course at the College of Practical Homeopathy in Dudley. She is widely experienced, having treated many patients, of all ages, including children, over the years.

She spent 6 years working as a Volunteer Homeopath at a local Cancer Care Centre where she used homeopathy to support patients going through radiotherapy, chemotherapy and drug therapies, e.g. Tamoxifen. Karen’s background in conventional medicine gives her an extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology which enables her to better understand the health problems of her patients.

Karen is registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (A.R.H.) which represents professional homeopaths. Members are fully insured and required to abide by a strict code of ethics and practice. “The more I continue to discover about alternative medicine, particularly homeopathy, the more certain I become that it should have a place in every person’s life. I have experienced and witnessed the wonderful effects of homeopathy many times. It has transformed my life and it may be the answer you are looking for too.”


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