Jenny Startin

My Pilates journey

10 years ago I left my management position in a large corporate firm to do something that would help other people and provide me with the flexibility to work around my future family. I didn’t realise that for me, Pilates would do so much more. I have become passionate about helping people and have helped to change peoples lives. I love seeing the impact Pilates has on my clients as they experiences changes in mind, body and spirit through attending regular Pilates classes. Rehabilitation is my real passion, taking an individual from a bad place physically after an operation, injury or long illness to a point where they are doing things they hadn’t been able to do for sometime. Seeing someone develop confidence in themselves and their physical abilities is so very rewarding.

I’ve now had my 3 beautiful children and continued to practice Pilates for myself during all of my pregnancies. This helped me no end during the pregnancies and the births themselves and I remained strong despite the physical demands babies create. After a break from teaching I am now ready to continue in my goal of giving something back and helping people, in whatever way they need. I look forward to seeing you during a pilates session and help you in mind, body and spirit.

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