Homeopathy is a long established system based on the use of highly diluted substances which might assist with some physical and/or emotional issues. Homeopathy is both natural and safe, stimulating the body’s instinctive ability to heal itself.

It uses homeopathic doses that are way below toxic levels and as such remedies can be used for all kinds of people including babies, children and the elderly, pregnant ladies – it can also be taken alongside prescribed medicine.

Homeopathy works on the basis that everyone is unique and treats the person as a whole.

Energy Diagnosis Therapy (EDT)
Muscle Response Testing and Complex Homeopathy is also known as Energy Diagnosis Therapy (EDT).

Ill health can sometimes result from a buildup of toxins in the body. There are numerous toxins that affect us. Examples are: those found in household cleaning products, food additives, air pollutants and medications. Also ’emotional toxicity’ is common, in the form of excess adrenaline and hormones produced by the body in times of grief, stress and worry. It is the accumulation of toxins that build up over the course of our lives that can lead to numerous health problems.

Within a regular consultation, a simple muscle test can be used to ascertain where in the body toxins are causing a problem and what the toxins may be. This test is a simplified form of kinesiology and it is not in any way uncomfortable or painful and can identify which organs and systems of the body may be under strain and how to support them with homeopathic remedies in order to restore good health.

Therapists: Kirst Clarke, Karen Gywnn

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