Fertility Reflexology

Reflexology is a safe and non–invasive therapy that can benefit both men and women with infertility issues. – however it is most commonly used by women.

As a therapy it helps ease stress and tension, and helps with any anxiety or fear associated with fertility issues.

It can also help support couples who have difficulty in conceiving and may be undergoing medical assisted reproductive treatment, such as IVF.

A typical reflexology session would consist of a consultation followed by a treatment to specific parts of the feet and ankles using the hands. Each reflexology treatment is different and each client responds differently.

Afterwards a feeling of relaxation and balance is usually felt. Clients report feeling both calm and energised and grounded after a treatment. A re-adjustment process may occur after a treatment that is very relaxing and deeply beneficial.

Each client is different but I would suggest a course of six treatments every two weeks before re-assessing.

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