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Cindy Bhogal

Sports Massage has been used for centuries in sports and other activities for the treatment and prevention of injuries. This does not have to mean competitive sport, or even sport at all, it could be any activity: looking after children, walking dogs, or just general life.

I specialise in Sports Massage. This can incorporate a number of different techniques and is designed to help treat and prevent injuries and relieve pain and tight muscles. As it works deeper than many other massage techniques, its effects are longer lasting, and more effective at treating injuries.This can sometimes mean it can be uncomfortable to receive, but the benefits make it worth it! I work with the body to enable healing, rather than forcing the muscles, which means that I can provide the most effective treatment with minimal discomfort.

Working in partnership with clients means I can provide a truly individual treatment. Massage has a beneficial effect on the whole body and mind. Most people are aware of its benefits for relieving sore, stiff muscles/joints and for relaxation. But it can also be used to help treat and prevent many injuries and can help to improve skin tone, improve circulation, eliminate toxins, stimulate digestion, boost immunity, relieve anxiety, increase energy, increase positive emotions and long term can improve general health and wellbeing.

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