Past Events


by Helen Thompson |

1.30pm - 3.30pm on Saturday 30th September 2017
Cost £15 per person

Qigong is the grandfather of Tai-Chi being a flowing exercise of slow movements and deep breathing. Through Qigong we can help you balance emotional states, improve health & vitality, build energy levels, support a healthy mind, and increase stress resilience.
Qigong can be carried out sitting for those who have difficulty standing.

In this workshop we have a seasonal focus where we help to balance your body through the season change from Late Summer into Autumn with such challenges as the damp mornings, dropping light levels, sweet cravings, feelings of anxiety. Qigong transforms season changes into wonderful opportunities to explore different aspects of ourselves. Beginners most welcome.

To book, please contact Ron Prescott on: 07974 751818 or via email:

Ron Prescott is a Naturopath, Holistic Therapist and Quigong & Yoga Instructor based here at Wellbeing at The Wishing Well.
If you'd like to find out more about Ron and the therapies that he offers, please visit: