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200hr Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Anya Hawkes: 2018

by Tricia Heatley |


CSV Yoga Teacher Training 2018

If you're thinking about taking your yoga teacher training to become an amazing yoga teacher or to simply take yourself on the most incredible personal evolution, then this might be the course for you. 

Here's more about the training: 

(P.S. I have a weekend training in Birmingham too if weekends are better for you!) 

Wishing Well Wellbeing Centre, Bromsgrove

Mondays and Tuesdays 9.30am to 2.30pm every other week. Term time only. Plus two Sundays at the beginning and end of course. 

Anya is a hand picked master trainer for Sadie Nardini, offering one of the very few Sadie-approved Core Strength Vinyasa Teacher trainings in the world! 

Awesome, intelligent, fun & life-changing yoga training with a truly inspiring teacher. Join the CSV Yoga Tribe of intelligent, authentic teachers rocking the yoga world with smarter yoga! 

Yoga Alliance Certified 200hr Foundation Teacher Training 


***Orientation & Intro Day***
SUNDAY 26th November 2017 9.30am to 5.30pm

MONDAYS & TUESDAYS 9.30am to 2.30pm 
JAN 15th 16th, 29th 30th
FEB 12th 13th 26th 27th
MARCH 12th 13th 26th 27th
APRIL 16th 17th 30th 
MAY 1st 14th 15th
JUNE 4th 5th 18th 19th
JULY 2nd 3rd 
SEPT 3rd 4th 17th 18th
OCT 8th 9th 15th 16th 
NOV 5th 6th 

***Graduation Day***
SUNDAY 18th November 2018 9.30am to 5.30pm



Anya delivers a REVOLUTIONARY PERSPECTIVE on yoga and life that will free your body and mind and fully prepare you to be able to share your love of yoga with others. 

Enter into the world of teaching yoga with NEXT LEVEL information that will set you apart from other yoga teachers from the get go! 

From this, you can teach super-power classes, core vinyasa flow, a modified Ashtanga-style class, a restorative class, a slow-anatomy focused class - but you'll be able to do with intelligent modifications so that every body in your class benefits as much as possible. 

Most teacher trainings teach you how to instruct yoga. With this course you will learn how to TEACH yoga! There is a BIG difference. 

Registered Senior Yoga Teacher, Passionate Consciousness Warrior and master trainer for Sadie Nardini, Anya teaches with clarity, authentic expression and a message of positive self-centring.


Let's schedule a phone, Facetime or Sykpe call to have a chat to see whether the training is suitable for you! 



Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a perspective on yoga.

CSV Yoga empowers.
Stand in your truth, 
and shine.

CSV Yoga creates space.
Light up your potential
from the inside out.

CSV Yoga transforms.
Move the way
you were born to move.

Get a new perspective.
Start a revolution.
Core Strength.

Join the next wave of yoga.

Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga is a transitional style.

Break linear and move biomechanically not traditionally for optimal strength and safety within vinyasa-based practices.

New-generation alignment uses myofascial muscle meridians
as a primary tool for function and flow.

This movement methodology can be applied to any yoga style
empowering students and teachers to their next level


***This training includes registration to Leslie Kaminoff's YOGA FUNDAMENTALS ANATOMY COURSE***

Leslie Kaminoff is one of the world's leading yoga anatomists. 
This course will provide you with cutting edge anatomy videos and notes that you can go through in your own time. This will make up some of your non-contact hours. We will review all this information in class, and you will receive a 12 month membership to the course. This is AMAZING!!! seriously!


Over the last few years Anya has been studying and working alongside world-renowned yoga master and founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga, Sadie Nardini. This approach to yoga is like no other. Next-level information, steeped in tradition with a massive injection of anatomy and biomechanics information... and perfectly moulded to benefit modern-day living. 


****This training also includes a full day's certification in ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS*** 

This is a beautiful therapy and training that offers some great tools and practices to help people to access more consciousness whilst letting go of some of the 'stuff' that weighs our cognitive mind down. This will give you some more tricks up your sleeve in supporting yourself in following your passions BUT also will give you the certification to practice this therapy on friends, family and paying clients, should you wish to. It's the most gentle, relaxing therapy that simple involves touching specific points on the head. 


You must attend 90% of the training contact hours to gain certification. Missing hours can be made up with private sessions or at a different training on the relevant day. 

If you're interested in taking your own practice and understanding of yoga to the next level and potentially sharing this with others. This course will help you to become a confident, competent and super-knowledgeable yoga teacher. 


Cost is £2350 


Fully Certified Yoga Alliance UK 200hr teacher training 
12 month Membership to Yoga Anatomy Fundamentals Course 
Certified Days Training in Access Consciousness Bars 



One off payment in full = £2250 ***save £100***

***Payment Plan Available*** 
£1000 deposit required to secure place
Monthly payments thereafter, by direct debit £112.50 on the 1st of every month starting November 2017 and final payment October 2018.

Alternative Payment Plans may be available to suit your needs, just ask! 

*concessionary rates available (please enquire for eligibility)

Bank details for payments: 
Nat West 52 30 40 
Account 37658409



There is a lot to cover, but the course will not be overwhelming. 
You will receive a lot of support along the way! 

The course will include the following areas of study - 

Yoga - history, meaning, benefits, lineage, different styles and perspectives
Anatomy and Physiology
Transitions, Asana, Bandha, Dristi 
Pranayama, Meditation, Energy, Sound
Healthy Movement and Biomechanics
Assists, Adjustments and Supportive Verbal Cues 
Intelligent class sequencing and themes 
The business of teaching yoga 
Contraindications, safety and class set-up 
This Teacher Training Course will prepare you to become a confident and authentic yoga teacher with and excellent understanding of the principles and practice of yoga, with an emphasis on the Core Strength Vinyasa methodology and cutting edge anatomy and biomechanics and yoga philosophy. 

BRIEF OUTLINE OF MODULES (1 module = 2 days) 

Module 1: Foundations & Sun Salutations 

What is yoga? The meaning of yoga, yoga as life. 
8 Limbs of Yoga. Traditional and modern day interpretation. 
Lineage of yoga 
Intro to CSV methodology 
Neutralise, foundation, core, expression 
Introduction to ‘The Core Warm-up’
CSV principles in Sun Salutations with teaching practice 
CSV anatomy, contraindications & adjustments in sun salutations

Module 2: The Breath & Standing Poses

The breath as shape change 
The organisation of the systems 
Effective Warm-up 
Core Anatomy 
Standing poses - neutrally rotated, externally rotated
Sequencing Standing Poses
Teaching practice - warm up flow standing 


Module 3: Energy Systems & Standing Poses (Twists & Balancing) 

Imbalances - creating balance. The interplay of Stira Sukha. 
Standing Poses - Twists & Balancing 
CSV anatomy, contraindications & adjustments in standing poses 
Sequencing Standing Poses
Teaching practice - twisting and balancing flow 


Module 4: Anatomy & Physiology - Seated Poses - twists 

Flexibility & Mobility 
The Spinal Curves 
Exploring Pranayama in twists 
Seated Poses - Twists 
CSV anatomy, contraindications & adjustments in seated poses 
Sequencing and counterposing seated twists
Seated Restorative Poses
Teaching practice - restorative seated 


Module 5: Going Deeper: Fascia - Exploration of Yin Yoga & Pranayama

Yin Yoga, Myofascial Muscle Meridians & Healthy Living 
Fascia - our internal ninja webbing and so much more! 
Myofascial Muscle Meridians 
Superficial Front & Back Line and Deep Core Lines 
Yin and Yang - seeking balance 
3 Pillars of Yin Yoga 
Basic Yin Poses 
Lifestyle - nutrition, Ayurveda & natural rhythms 
Pranayama for rest and sleep 
Teaching Practice - yin sequence and Pranayama 


Module 6 The Spine & Bends - Backbends & Forward Folds 

Energy of the spine - The backbone of life 
Breath as shape change effecting the spine 
Unlocking common areas of tension 
Problem-shooting back health 
Backbends & Forward Bends 
CSV anatomy, contraindications & adjustments in bending poses
Sequencing and counterposing bending poses 
Seated Bending Poses 
Restorative supported bends 
Teaching practice - backbends & forward bends (different days) 


Module 7 Flipping it upside down - Life & Inversions 

What holds us back?
Your perspective creates your reality 
Tools to free your mind
Patanjali's 3 steps to transformation 
Samskaras and what we can do about them 
Inversions for all levels 
Safety in inversions 
Confidence in teaching inversions. Empowering yourself and students to take flight (even if you feet never even leave the floor) 
Anatomy and assists for inversions


Module 8 Energy & Magic - Arm Balances 

Staying in your magic 
Managing a class, holding space 
Class theming 
Workshops & Retreat Planning 
Smart Anatomy and Safety in Arm Balances 
Access Consciousness - tools and therapies to enhance your teaching and your ability to make a living doing what you love!

*Sunday will be a full day's certification in Access Consciousness Bars*


Module 9 Problem-solving Clinic Sequencing, Branding and finding your niche. 

Saturday will be dedicated to problem solving clinics for common conditions and to go over any areas we need to. 

Sunday will be dedicated to helping you find your authentic voice, teaching rhythm and flow. We'll be making videos and taking images to help you launch your yoga teaching career! 


Module 10 Teaching Practice, Assessment, Graduation 

Day 1 - Teaching Practice 

Day 2 - Assessments & Graduation! 

Here's to rocking your yoga (and teaching!) to the next level!! 

Anya xx
07710 258673