Past Events

Local Fundraising Event - to relieve suffering in Sarajevo: Thursday 28th April: 2-4pm

by Holli Young |

Members of the Bromsgrove Vibrant Network are holding a fundraising in support of group member Yvonne Cocks who will be travelling to Sarajevo to help bring relief to those still suffering the after effects of the war.

Yvonne will be representing Healing Hands Network, a charity dedicated to the relief of suffering caused by war, and that has been active in Sarajevo since 1997.

Yvonne will talk about her trip and demonstrate one of the ways she will be working in Sarajevo using Emotional Freedom Techniques.

She is Bromsgrove based and worked as a Paramedic for many years in Hereford and Worcester Ambulance Service, including on the Air Ambulance, before retiring in 2011 to start her business as The Stress Medic, working with people suffering stress, anxiety, emotional trauma, PTSD and phobias.

Karen Baughan will be showcasing Wikaniko, a very extensive range of eco-friendly and bio-degradable products for all your needs, from household to pets. All profits from sales that day will be donated to Healing Hands Network.

Wishing Well practitioner Sharon Little is offering 30 minute “Introduction to Bars” sessions. Bars is a hands-on energetic body process involving gentle touch on 32 points on the head. It’s a very relaxing, balancing experience. The sessions will cost £15 and Sharon will be donating all proceeds to Healing Hands Network.

Yvonne told us “Through my work as The Stress Medic I’ve been supporting the charity’s UK projects, but now feel it’s time to go to Sarajevo and will spend 2 weeks there next month. The charity has no formal funding so I need to raise £800 for flights, lodging and translators. I’m delighted and very grateful to my networking friends, and to Wellbeing at the Wishing Well, for making this event happen”.

Healing Hands Network is dedicated to the relief of suffering caused by war, and receives no formal funding. In their UK projects they work in collaboration with Combat Stress and SSAFA:

To donate, please visit