Past Events

Beat Those Sugar Cravings: Thursday 5th May: 7-9pm

by Holli Young |

Do you constantly battle against uncontrollable sugar and carbohydrate cravings?

Would you like to feel consistent energy and have a clear head instead of a foggy brain and energy that goes up and down like a rollercoaster as you go from one sugar high to a sugar low?

Do you find it hard to lose that stubborn weight around your middle no matter what diet you try?

If this is you, then this workshop is for you. Come and join us for an evening of Nutrition Education where you will learn about the SUGAR ‘TRICK’ and how dietary changes can help you reduce or stop cravings altogether. Find out how friendly bacteria can help you beat those sugar urges and how eating habits make sugar cravings worse.

Finally, learn some clever positive thinking exercises that you will be able to take away with you to empower you against the battle of sugar addiction. Bring a friend and come and join us for a unique workshop.

The workshop will be delivered by Caroline Sproule a local Nutritionist and Allergy Expert based at Bromsgrove Allergy and Nutrition Centre next door and local hypnotherapist Derek Norval will be teaching some useful positive thinking exercises at the end of the session.

The cost of the evening workshop is £30. We look forward to seeing you then. To BOOK or for more information please call 01527 758385 or