Past Events

Shamanic Healing Workshop: Saturday 5th March & Sunday 6th March: 10am - 4pm

by Holli Young |

Introduction to Shamanic Healing and the Munay Ki.


This workshop, hosted by Joe Molloy, will introduce participants to the Andean tradition of Shamanic healing. The cost is £80 for both days.

DAY 1 covers an introduction to Shamanic healing, Shamanism and how it fits into our contemporary lives and lifestyles. The day will go on to cover the relationship between the body and the luminous energy field, drawing from the teachings and practices of the Qero people of Peru. The Qero were the Shaman of the Inca’s and their teachings and practices stem from an unbroken lineage that has been preserved for generations irrespective of the colonisation of South America by Europeans. 500 years ago the Qero left the ancient cities of the Incas to live in the high plateau so that they could keep their practice of living in harmony with the land alive until the time was right for them to return to share their knowledge and traditions with a world that was open to welcoming them.

The first day will include practical skill sharing so that working together as a group you will receive and learn how to use some of the energy clearing tools of the Qero shaman.

DAY 2 focusses on the Munay Ki. Munay is a Quechuan word for love, and Ki means power. These rites of love and power are energetic empowerments. Derived from the traditional lineage form where these rites of passage were given from shaman to shaman, the contemporary form of the Munay Ki makes these healing empowerments available to people in every day lives so that we can all benefit from their healing and balancing effects.

During day 2 we will explore the nature and relationship between all 9 rites. And through the practice of giving and receiving each rite together as a group we hope to be able to share all 4 of the foundation rites. So, having received them you will be able to gift them to others after the workshop should you wish. Further workshops will follow to cover all the 9 rites in greater details.

The workshop will be led by Joe Molloy who is a shaman, healer and teacher of the energy medicine, traditions and healing practices of the Incas. Currently Joe is senior teacher with ‘Spirit of the Inca.’ and offers workshops through the year and training in shamanic healing as part of a year long training programme, ‘The Way of the Shaman’ with Spirit of the Inca in the UK, Romania and Greece. Joe also organises and leads Group Sacred Journeys to Peru several times each year.

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