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New Meditation Class with Louise Knight

by Holli Young |

The bi-weekly meditation class will run every Tuesday and Thursday, 10-11am starting on May 12th.

The lovely Louise Knight has written a little blog piece about Meditation...

Meditation is for everyone. It has many health benefits which include better quality sleep, an increase in positive feelings, lower blood pressure and improved ability to cope with stress. During meditation, the body maintains a relaxed state whilst the mind is alert.

The class involves simple breathing exercises to feed the systems of the body with oxygen. Focus on a single image or object improves concentration. Guided visualisations (where a relaxing scene is described by the teacher), expands awareness and attention. Gentle statements deepen inner focus. Moments of silence allow for enjoying some calm.

A regular practise is beneficial to good health. Attending a class supports that practise, so that it can evolve naturally over time. There is no destination in meditation and so no need to rush. The class is taught in a gentle, relaxed manner. It is accessible to beginners and those with more experience. Whilst there is no religious content, it respects and compliments various spiritual paths.