Tips for Finding Happiness by Louise Perrins

by Holli Young |

Learn to enjoy your moment.


We live in times when really busy schedules have become the norm. As the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment. The ability to appreciate the present, the environment and yourself in it, is the foundation of long term happiness for any human being.

Here are a few tips for finding happiness:

  • Take a few quiet minutes every day to just breathe really deeply
  • Acknowledge how you talk to yourself and make sure it's positive
  • Count your blessings, start with the basics. Am I warm, clean and fed?
  • Smile even when you don't feel like it, smiles are infectious
  • See the whole picture, when we focus on our problems it can cloud what is good in life
  • Start noticing what makes you smile, even the smallest things

Louise Perrins is a clinical hypnotherapist with 14 years experience.

'Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and enjoyable way to make changes in our life. Whether it is to deal with anxiety or a lack of confidence, to put a stop to destructive habits or to enhance performance in sport or public speaking, hypnosis works. It is natural, safe and effective.'

For further information or to make a appointment with Louise, please phone Wellbeing at the Wishing Well on 01527 570838

Save 20% on Christmas Gift Vouchers

by Holli Young |

In the run up to Christmas, we are offering a special discount on festive gift vouchers.

Give the gift of luxury with The Wishing Well.

Our Wellbeing gift vouchers make a perfect Christmas present, allowing the lucky recipient to choose from our wide range of organic treats and luxurious treatments. Better still, you can now buy a special Christmas Voucher saving 20% on the price, so you can give more for less!

Ask at reception for full details or call us on 01527 570 838.

Vouchers are valid against therapies (excluding yoga or meditation classes unless block booked), products and food or drinks in the Wellbeing shop/cafe.

Wellbeing at The Wishing Well delights Capital FM’s Katy Poulsom

by Holli Young |

There was a bit of a buzz at Bromsgrove's Wellbeing at The Wishing Well last week, when Capital FM deejay Katy Poulsom dropped in for a session of reiki, followed by an all-natural manicure.

Katy is co-host of Capital Birmingham's Breakfast Show, alongside Dan Kelly. Her visit to Wellbeing on Friday was her first experience of any kind of holistic treatment and she was absolutely thrilled with the results. Katy told the therapists who had treated her that she felt totally relaxed and pampered after her visit; she had never had either treatment before but had absolutely loved them both.

Like a lot of people, Katy had no idea what reiki involved before attending. She received an hour-long treatment under the healing hands of practitioner Sam Sample, before giving her own hands over to manicurist Adrianne Yates, who uses only organic lotions and varnishes free from harmful chemicals.

Katy later reported to the audience of her popular morning show that the only downside of her visit to Wellbeing was the timing, as she then headed straight off to a weekend at a music festival - completely destroying her beautiful manicure by taking part in a mud fight!

Mental Health Awareness Week

by Holli Young |

Spring is a time of change, a time to nurture growth and focus on new beginnings...


What better time to raise awareness of mental health, to change our attitudes and take a fresh approach to our own well-being and to the well-being of those around us? What better time to make time for a visit to Wellbeing at The Wishing Well?

Here at The Wishing Well, we will be on hand as usual to provide a wide range of natural and holistic therapies throughout the week that might just be the perfect thing to help restore some balance in your own life or perhaps provide that vital "pick me up" to make tomorrow seem a little brighter than today. You can pop into our cafe anytime to chat about what we have available...or just soak up our peaceful surroundings and enjoy a herbal tea!

We will also be bringing the week to a close with some workshops and events that focus on both mental and physical well-being, including an invaluable workshop for anyone who has found themselves knocked off balance in their personal or professional life. This workshop,to be run by mindfulness practitioner Donnah Morgan, is entitled The Mind Body Connection and will explore the link between body and mind, looking at ways in which mindfulness can assist in dealing with both internal and external stressors to bring priorities back into focus and restore calm.

For full details of this workshop, please visit:

If you have a friend or colleague who might benefit, why not send them a link or bring them along!

Self-care to Manage Depression and Anxiety

by Holli Young |

Leanne Ling and Sindeep Lehl from RedSwan held a free Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) taster session at The Wishing Well for International Women's Day, on how this combined approach can help you manage depression, anxiety and your own self-care.

One in four people will experience mental health problems throughout their lifetime.

Self-care to manage depression and anxiety

RedSwan joined The Wishing Well for International Women's Day on Saturday 8th March 2014.

Leanne Ling and Cognitive Behaviour Therapist Sindeep Lehl, held a free Mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) taster session, on how this combined approach can help you manage depression, anxiety and your own self-care.

The talk originated in Leanne and Sindeep's knowledge of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) which was developed to help people who suffer from recurrent depression by Zindel Segal, Mark Williams and John Teasdale. MBCT is based on Jon Kabat-Zinn's Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction programme at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center.

Testimonial from the session: "A friend of mine with Bipolar had briefly mentioned CBT to me in conversation, so I was pleased to discover an introductory talk about it at the "Wishing Well in Bromsgrove". Sindeep presented CBT in a very professional manner and I liked the way she asked us questions throughout, so that we could relate CBT to our own personal life experiences and people that we know.

"I'm a visual learner, so I appreciated Sindeep brainstorming using her flipchart to clearly communicate how CBT works. Also the hand-outs given to read at home contained valuable information too. I particularly enjoyed the "Mindfulness Meditation" at the end of the session, which rounded off the introductory talk nicely.

"I'm a Certified Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner myself; however, I do also refer Clients to other Consultants as necessary. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sindeep or the Red Swan Psychological Consultancy to my Clients or friends and family in the future."
Annie Dunseith, Certified Life Coach and Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner

Self-care to manage depression and anxiety: For many different personal and professional reasons, especially for women in a caring role, modern day life can be stressful and pressurised; often resulting in conditions such as depression and anxiety. It is essential that we understand and manage our mental health wellbeing; to learn the coping skills and techniques required to deal with the varied situation and triggers, which so many of us experience. We can help you to work through your difficulties, by learning the methods and insight necessary; through bespoke personal therapy, tailored to your individual needs and combined CBT and Mindfulness groups.

Our aim is to support you with the difficulties you are experiencing, which could include problems for yourself, or the people you support like; anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, Autism disorders, sexual or physical abuse, relationships, low self-esteem, low-confidence, anger, bereavement, pain management and phobias. We do this by listening to you and providing non-judgemental support and empathy, through personal therapy and groups.

Why self-care? All too easily we forget that, as women, we have numerous roles to fulfil on a daily basis which can include; being an employee/employer, wife/partner, mother, daughter, sister, auntie, niece, friend, carer etc. Women are often naturally nurturing and feel they cannot do enough to help others, especially their loved ones. So who, or what, looks after you? What keeps you nourished so that you can be the support you want to be for others? If we do not practice self-care, we can see how feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, burnout, lack of emotional availability and even possible physical health problems could occur.

What is self-care? Self-care can be anything that makes us physically, as well as emotionally, feel better. It could be as simple as giving ourselves permission to opt out of completing certain or all daily tasks for a set period of time; eg I give myself permission to do no housework for today! Or, it can be specific treats such as a massage or hair-cut etc. Consistent practice of Mindful meditations, CBT techniques, physical exercise and healthy nutrition, are activities which can be easily incorporated into our everyday life.

All of these suggestions can aid relaxation and will help you re-energise, feel confident, and continue to fulfil your caring roles as best you can.

For further assistance and information on anxiety, depression, self-care, MCBT, counselling or mental health wellbeing; please do not hesitate to contact me on 07891 504432.

Warm wishes and please get in touch if you are interested in our new combined CBT and Mindfulness meditation group starting in June 2014.