Volunteers Needed - Find out how Alkalising could work for you

by Sarah Lancaster |

John Jezewski holds regular workshops here at the Wishing Well and is looking for volunteers to come and have a full consultation with him in his student clinic.

If you have any concerns about conditions you suffer from, symptoms you are experiencing, mental, emotional and physical, he is able to offer advice and take a look into what may have caused the issue.

He can also give you advice on how to implement the Alkaline diet into your life, which is helpful in reducing the acidity in the body, thus helping alleviate some conditions.

The cost is just £12, which is a very significant saving, as a private session with John costs £67 at his clinic.

If you are curious about the Alkaline diet, wish to discover how you may be able to alleviate symptoms you are dealing with, or want to find out how you may have got a certain condition, this would be a great way of getting some insight and also advice on how to treat it.

Available dates for 2017 are:

19 March

2 April

11 June

17 September

12 November

Sessions are taken with a group of students taking John's Alkaline Nutritional Practitioner course.

You can book at the Wishing Well, or contact John directly on 07909 992260 or