Sugar Free February - it's not too late to take part!

by Holli Young |

Have you heard about SUGAR FREE FEBRUARY?

It's not too late to take part!

The aim is to cut out sugar - simple!

Sugar is hidden in a lot of the food we eat.
Easy ways to cut it out are to:

* Make your own food - soups, stews etc.

* Always read the labels of food you buy

* Be wary of too much fruit - it's in there too!

* Cut out the sweet stuff - chocolate, biscuits and cakes

* Avoid pasta, bread, ready meals and take-aways - it's all hidden in these too.

* Try Viridian's Sugar Detox supplements - taking them cuts out a bag of sugar in just 7 days! It is available in our centre!

Sugar Free February was originally a way to raise money for Cancer Research, which you can still do.
Or just try it on your own and see if you can cut out the sugar as a healthy change to your diet.