Overdone it a little?

by Holli Young |

Have you indulged a bit more than you wanted to?

Or are you looking to start the new year of healthily?

Viridian - 7 Day Sugar Detox

Perfect for a New Year kickstart, this easy detox is designed to help you cut out a bag of sugar in 7 days!

Super-food celebrity chef Oliver McCabe has created a week-long diet plan, that, taken with the added Cinnamon and Chromium supplements from Viridian, enable you to cut out the sugar and feel the benefits.

It includes a step-by-step plan, healthy recipes and the Viridian supplements. There is even a special free app to download to help you.

All it takes is 1 week. Try it and see!

Available now in our wellbeing centre.

Price: £7