Guest Blog Post - TAI CHI - by teacher Gail Sophia

by Holli Young |




As the nights draw in now is the time to incorporate changes to your daily regime!


My Tai Chi classes are the most effective way to combat the stresses of daily life and banish the blues of those shorter days as the winter approaches and hence your vibrational energy sinks.


My focus is simply to help you to achieve the benefits of my 15 years experience of teaching Tai Chi and Chi Gong to people from various backgrounds, abilities and mobility restrictions.


I will help you to harness your life force energy in order to clear blockages within your physical body, clear your electro-magnetic field (aura) and achieve a level of mindfulness to help to cope better with your stressful daily life.

In any case, each class will help you to increase your vitality. 

Your physical posture and alignment will improve week on week. 

Your co-ordination and balance will become augmented giving way to a feeling of lightness and upliftment.


Tai Chi / Chi Gong has been a very important part of my physical strength and  spiritual practice during the past 22 years. It has kept my body fit, healthy and toned without the extreme effort of rigorous exercise. During challenging spells in my daily life I have galvanised natural breathing techniques to help me find the centre point of balance within me.


A moving meditation aspect is present through every moment of my class and as I perform this sacred art I respectfully remember the reason Tai Chi was created many moons ago by the ancient monks when through deep daily meditation practices, they became physically weak through lack of exercise resulting in physical stagnation. They realised to keep the body free of disease they needed to keep their energy in a state of flux and so the various forms of Tai Chi practices were born.

Tai Chi was derived from Chinese philosophy and is extensively used as an early morning practice and exercise by many people in the parks in China before they start work. 

Chi Gong is also recommend by the medical profession in China together with medicine as they know how important it is to keep the internal organs of the body clear of stagnant energy.


As I practice Reiki and energy field healing I know how important it is to keep my energy field clear and free from negative energy. Tai Chi and Chi Gong are an integral part of my healing modality and has inspired me to help others achieve a state of balance and equilibrium in order to cope with the extreme pressures that a modern existence challenges us with.


I have a non-competitive approach to life and like to keep my classes light and fun

yet at the same time I am mindful of the powerful influence of this healing discipline. 

I look forward to meeting you every Friday from 6 pm to 7 pm at the Wishing Well so that we can practice together, share some positive experiences, experience sunshine in our life, and perhaps we can journey through time and space to a peaceful place of mindful consciousness.


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