December Offer - 20% off Hopi Ear Candles

by Holli Young |

December Treatment Offer!
It is the season to be jolly...but often also a season of coughs, colds, sinus and ear problems too!

Hopi Ear Candles are a safe and gentle way of easing congestion. Excellent for:

* Headaches
* Migraines
* Sinus Problems
* Ear Pain & Congestion
* Coughs
* Colds
* Throat Problems
* Flu like Symptoms
* Clarity
* Easing Tension & Aiding Relaxation

A warming treatment where a long hollow tapered candle is placed and burnt in the ear, creating a gentle releasing sensation. The heat soothes and heals the inner ear by encouraging blood flow to the area. This is believed to strengthen the lymph glands and immune system, leaving the head feeling lighter, sinuses clearer and generally uplifts.

This treatment includes a sinus massage to finish.
A beautiful, gentle relaxing treatment for this time of year in particular.

For availability please enquire with us at the centre or give us a call on 01527 570 838.