Mental Health Awareness Week

by Holli Young |

Spring is a time of change, a time to nurture growth and focus on new beginnings...


What better time to raise awareness of mental health, to change our attitudes and take a fresh approach to our own well-being and to the well-being of those around us? What better time to make time for a visit to Wellbeing at The Wishing Well?

Here at The Wishing Well, we will be on hand as usual to provide a wide range of natural and holistic therapies throughout the week that might just be the perfect thing to help restore some balance in your own life or perhaps provide that vital "pick me up" to make tomorrow seem a little brighter than today. You can pop into our cafe anytime to chat about what we have available...or just soak up our peaceful surroundings and enjoy a herbal tea!

We will also be bringing the week to a close with some workshops and events that focus on both mental and physical well-being, including an invaluable workshop for anyone who has found themselves knocked off balance in their personal or professional life. This workshop,to be run by mindfulness practitioner Donnah Morgan, is entitled The Mind Body Connection and will explore the link between body and mind, looking at ways in which mindfulness can assist in dealing with both internal and external stressors to bring priorities back into focus and restore calm.

For full details of this workshop, please visit:

If you have a friend or colleague who might benefit, why not send them a link or bring them along!