Why Choose One to One Yoga with Kim Ryder?

by Holli Young |

Kim Ryder is now offering one to one yoga sessions at The Wishing Well.


Sometimes, even in a beginners Yoga class, the teacher will move at a pace that is too demanding for a complete beginner and the result is poor alignment and the development of injuries.

In a led class, it is hard for a teacher to take account of everyone's individual anatomy and each individuals physical strengths and weaknesses, and this can be off-putting for anyone new to the practice because there is insufficient scope for personal attention in a group setting. A one-to-one session is the perfect way to start your yoga practice because it gives plenty of time for individual attention and instruction so that the postures and technique can be learnt in a safe and careful manner. One-to-one sessions are also perfect for those with injuries or medical conditions that need particular care because they allow scope for the practice to be modified to accommodate specific injuries in a safe manner.

I am a qualified physiotherapist with 15 years post-graduate experience in Rehabilitation and I have been teaching Yoga for nearly 3 years and practicing for more than 10 years. My regular classes are in gyms and Yoga studios around Bromsgrove and Birmingham, but I also do 1:1 sessions at the Wishing Well.

I qualified as a Yoga teacher with Yogahaven in 2012 and since then I have taken part in a lot of workshops and study days. I am currently doing my 500-hour teacher training course with CamYoga in Cambridge. I am trained to teach Restorative Yoga which is particularly useful for people suffering with fatigue, insomnia or stress, and I am also trained to teach Yin Yoga which is a quiet but deeply opening practice that focuses on the fascia, ligaments and connective tissues of the body rather than the 'Yang' tissues of the body which are the muscles. As a Yoga teacher, I constantly use my physiotherapy knowledge in my classes and 1:1 work, and, likewise, I also use my Yoga knowledge in my physiotherapy practice as well.

Individual styles of yoga (Yin/Yang/Restorative/Ashtanga) can be mixed in a 1:1 session and classes will be tailored to meet individual needs and goals. Mats and other equipment are provided at no extra cost. If you would prefer to come with a friend to the session then this is fine and there is no extra cost. One-to-one sessions are paid for by the hour so if there are 2 people in the session then the cost per person is halved. A maximum of 3 people can be accommodated in a 1:1 session. The cost is £25 per hour plus the cost of the room booking at the Wishing Well.