Eco Tan makes an Eco Fan!

by Holli Young |

Ecotan organic tanning is now available at The Wishing Well...

Right, first off I have to be honest and say that I have never had a spray tan and I have never wanted a spray tan. I think it is because I have seen the before and after images of my friends, and the Satsuma look really is not for me...

Not only was it the vanity aspect that was off putting, but it was the fact that I had no idea what was being used in the ingredients of these fake bakes. Unknown chemicals achieving a worse version of the colour chart belonging to the TOWIE cast really was not something that made me want to part with my cash.

That is until I met Sam Sample through work at Wellbeing at the Wishing Well and she told me about the Australian company Ecotan. To put it very simply: Ecotan use 100% natural ingredients in their tanning range! You do not have to worry about any toxic, harmful chemicals seeping through your skin, into your bloodstream and being poisonous to your very core just so you can get a healthy glow.

I was instantly intrigued and offered myself up as a spray tan virgin.

Sam made me feel very at ease (after all, you have to get practically naked) and the whole experience was short and sweet. The Ecotan spray smelt AMAZING! A little bit like raw chocolate (cacao) which is preferable to smelling like anything else. I had two coats and was impressed at how evenly Sam had sprayed it on to me.

I am not going to lie, I looked a VERY healthy colour that evening, demonstrated by an accidental dribble of a drink down my chin leaving a patch of paler skin. Fetching.

The next day, I did as Sam had directed, and had a shower having left the tan on overnight. I followed all instructions and was massively impressed with the shade that I had gone. It was lovely! People were commenting for days about how well I looked. Thumbs up! I think it probably lasted for about five days which exceeded my expectations.

I would not at all hesitate to recommend this product range to anyone and Sam is a highly experienced practitioner who really does know what she's doing. I am definitely going back for another one when I need a little colour in my life. Ecotan is only available outside London, at Wellbeing at the Wishing Well in Bromsgrove. Otherwise you have to go to Australia...

If you are conscientious about what products you use, about the food you eat and you want to live as healthy a life as possible, then Sam's Ecotan spray tan is the only option in the fake bake world.