Write Therapy with Christina Christou

by Holli Young |

Copies of Write Therapy signed by author, Christina Christou are now available at The Wishing Well.

It's not difficult to accept the idea that writing down your thoughts can provide release from worry and stress; the tradition of keeping a diary has existed for almost as long as writing itself...

But how about the idea that writing can also help you to heal the wounds of past emotional traumas AND move forward to create the future that you desire?

Write Therapy is a new book by author, Wellbeing mentor and crystal healer, Christina Christou. It explores the idea that you can manifest your hopes and dreams through writing, thereby increasing the chance of them becoming your reality.

Detailing a "home-therapy" suitable for writers (and non-writers!) of all abilities, Christina's Write Therapy provides the tools and techniques you need to release past troubles and remove anxieties, enabling you to move forward and create a better life.

As Christina tells us, "Before deciding the life you want, you have to be clear about the life you don't want. In this way, you will know you are off course when you come face to face with what you don't want... Allow the intruding thoughts which have created the unwanted [parts of your life] to have their air time. Write them all down until you don't feel they are troubling you. Once you are clear of these thoughts you can add new thoughts, the thoughts you want, to create your reality. Affirm your positive thoughts in the present and next build on these affirmations by writing the story of your chosen life. Write it with all the details, write it with the emotions. Give it colour, light and shade, add textures, smells and sights..."

Signed copies of Write Therapy are available at Wellbeing for only £8.99. What a wonderful gift to give this Christmas!

If you'd like to find out more about Christina's mentoring services and Crystal Therapy or make an appointment to see her at The Wishing Well, please call us on 01527 570 838.

Festive offer

As a special Christmas gesture, with any purchase of the book, Christina will offer a free discovery session which is a mentoring consultation via phone or email. Call or ask at reception for more information.