Angel Guided Readings with Christina Christou

by Holli Young |

We all need a little guidance once in a while. A helpful nudge in the right direction, or just another way of looking at things.


Angel cards can give us that little bit of help when we need it.

Unlike Tarot cards, where there are a number of energies working through the cards, angel cards only work with the light energy of angels. Angels vibrate on the energy of love, so whatever comes through is oozing with the power of love.

Christina has been attuned to Reiki healing with angel attunements as well as to Usui Reiki and crystal healing. She has also trained in counselling skills and is able to not only deliver the angels messages but to convey them in a compassionate and non-judgmental manner.

Your angel card reading with Christina is unique in that she also uses the energy of crystals. Along with the cards you will pick some crystals and Christina will give you added information on their meaning, relating to the card reading.

You will be able to make notes or record the reading on your mobile phone. Some people even take a photo of the card spreads.

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