The Sunshine Vitamin by Amy Worboys

by Holli Young |

It is so lovely to see the sun out, so I thought I would write about the ‘sunshine vitamin’ Vitamin D.

We can get Vitamin D through the sun on our skin during the summer months and through our diet but many of the clients i work with have very low levels of this important nutrient.

That is also the case for the majority of the UK population.

It is essential for our bones and teeth by aiding the absorption of Calcium but is also very important for our immune systems.

Good food sources of Vitamin D are oily fish and eggs.

  • So an ideal breakfast would be kippers or smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast
  • An ideal lunch would be a tin of mackerel mixed with pasta and salad and
  • An ideal evening meal would be a salmon fillet or omelette with roasted sweet potato chips and salad.

Have a think about how you can include more sources of Vitamin D in to your diet. If you want some support, my Nutritional Therapy consultations can help you to ensure that your levels are adequate and give you lots of ideas and recipes.

Fingers crossed for a lovely summer!

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