Getting the best out of you this summer!

by Holli Young |

A blog by Launa Brooks.

It's a shame you missed out on our sell out workshop at the Wishing Well, 'Growth to Greater Confidence' (see photo) but we hope to hold another one soon. In the meantime you can still benefit from the great changes coaching can bring to your lifestyle.

And, OK, we might not be having the perfect summer we wish for every year in this country but we are a hardy bunch us Brits and we carry on regardless, whether the sun is shining or not!

The good news is that whatever the weather, spring & summer are great times of the year to change a habit. The lighter and longer days make a huge difference to our optimism levels & to our ability to get out and about. Get into a new habit now and it will be so much easier to sustain it once the nights draw in. (I started running in the summer 3 years ago and can be seen out and about in rain and during dark nights even now so I know it makes sense!!)

Whatever you want to change, be it your job, your relationship or your attitude to life, working with a coach 1 to 1 makes all the difference. It is NOT about counselling or therapy, coaches are trained to draw out the best of you; the best answers to the most challenging questions which lead to decisive and long term change. Trust this change can and will happen and that you are not alone in achieving it – ever!

Give me a ring for a coffee and a chat at the Wishing Well, what have you got to lose?!!