Glorious Weather for Reiki 1 at The Wishing Well

by Holli Young |

Saturday 4 July 2015 brought not only celebration as it was Independence Day in America, but closer to home 3 remarkable ladies took their first steps along their Reiki Path.

The day was blessed with glorious weather, and the attunements took place outside, in the shadow of the majestic staple of St John’s Church, the birds were in full song and floating on the thermals above the courtyard garden. Whilst the attunements were happening the wind died down, and a peaceful hush swept through.

Taking your first step on any new journey can be a daunting and scary prospect. But gosh these ladies did it with style, decorum and glamour!

Starting the day by simply learning to feel their own Auras and finishing the day with a full Reiki Treatment on a Client - what a Journey!

Mollie gave a teatment to Angela, Carol working on Jill and Sarah giving a treatment to the Wishing Well's competition winner Katie. The treatments lasted 45 minutes, although all the Clients were convinced they’d only been lying down on the couches for 10 minutes!

Mollie, Sarah and Carol will now undertake their 21 day harmonising, as they adjust to their Reiki Energy, and become familiar with their own personal Energies - almost like starting a new relationship.

Look out though world, they’re armed with their Reiki and looking to heal everyone!

Amazing day, Amazing Energy, Amazing People, Amazing Setting

Fi Partridge
Meditation Master Teacher
Reiki Master Teacher