Autumn Nourishment with Amy Worboys

by Holli Young |

It’s another three weeks until Autumn is officially here but I can already feel the difference in the weather and the trees are starting to change colour.

This is the time of year to really embrace comforting and nourishing meals.

Think filling, warming and nutritious like:

Sheppard’s/cottage pie – with carrots and peas, topped with mashed sweet potato

Stews and casseroles- with chicken or beef and chunky vegetables like swede, parsnips, carrots and sweet potatoes

Soups - anything filling and chunky is great. Softer vegetables like spinach can be added just for the last few minutes. Throw in any unused bits and pieces from your Sunday roast, buy a soup flask and take it to work for lunch the next day. Experiment with herbs for different flavours.

Risotto - A lovely, filling meal and all-in-one pan so less washing up! Add some meat, fish, tofu or nuts for protein and some chopped vegetables.

Porridge - Buy the biggest oats you can find and mix in berries, nuts and seeds for the last few minutes for a warming, substantial breakfast.

These meals will give you the energy your body needs to adapt to the change in season and any changes in routine such as the new school term.

Get in contact with Amy to find out what good nutrition can do for you.

Amy is available at the Wishing Well: 01527 570838.