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by Holli Young |

I was chatting with a client following our session together today and she pointed out that so many women lack confidence in some way, and that I should let more people know how effective hypnosis can be in helping people to gain more confidence.



She is right. We all have times in our life when we feel confident in at least one area. We may be confident about our ability to do a job, to enjoy a successful relationship, to organise our time, to be care-free. What happens when something shakes that confidence? We may get promoted or change jobs, finding ourself outside our comfort zone and self-doubt creeps in. We may have a disastrous relationship through no fault of our own but begin to question our judgement in choosing a partner or even whether we did all we should have done to make it work. We may have children and find it difficult to organise anything (one from my own experience!) because so much other stuff gets in the way. We may suddenly lose someone or something dear to us and find those care-free days are a distant memory. Or it may just be that the confidence we feel in youth somehow dwindles with age and experience, and we are at a loss as to how to recover it.

Hypnosis can produce amazing results in all of these scenarios and many more. Confidence is never lost, although it can be subdued. Hypnotherapy to improve confidence can involve remembering times when the client felt confident in the past, making this time feel very real, as though it is happening in reality and then projecting the feelings into future, imagined events. The client might see themselves walking into work, looking confident, dealing efficiently and effectively with everything they have to handle. This 'future orientation in time' is stored by the mind in the same way as a real event. When the client next walks into work, they recall feeling confident 'last time' and automatically reproduce those feelings.

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