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"Practitioner Course available for everyone with an interest in Natural Health”

by Tricia Heatley |

 College of Living Nutrition at the Wishing Well in Bromsgrove

 For more information or to book a place click on the following link:

You can pay in full (£1350) or pay in monthly instalments (£150 x 9 + a £40 admin fee).

Contact the Principal of the College of Living Nutrition – John Jezewski on 07909 992260

One year practical and professional Living Nutrition Practitioner Part-Time Weekend based  (see dates below) in Birmingham (Bromsgrove) and Somerset (or study for part of the course online via live streaming). 

This is a unique opportunity for you to become an living Nutrition Practitioner. The course is designed to inspire students to become successful and confident practitioners equipped with powerful tools. We specialise in:

Lifestyle change / Upgrading health / Living, raw, alkaline, wild  nutrition / Bio-hacking / Brain power / Hormone health /  Aetiology / Longevity / Chronic disease / Tonic herbs / Advanced natural therapies / Nutrigenomics / Microbiome / Body Ecology / Hydrogen & Oxygen therapies.

This course includes - 
>  6 Teaching weekends in Birmingham. 
>  3 Residential weekend retreats in Somerset and Glastonbury. 
>  Practical tools to alkalise, use of tonic herbs and detoxification. 
>  Living food technologies. 
>  Blood, Arterial Stiffness and other tests, therapeutics. 
>  Business building skills. 
>  Clinical experience.

FEE £1500.  If booked early, this is reduced to £1350  (or £150 per month for 9 months).  Includes all tuition.   Excludes books and software.  Accommodation and  food at the retreats is an extra £150 per weekend, for  the 3 weekends.
Designed to inspire students to become  successful, confident practitioners, this course will have you working with powerful tools, including alkalising, raw food, living food technology, lifestyle change and tonic herbs, to become an effective, qualified Living Nutrition Health Practitioner. 
The course runs from MARCH to DECEMBER including SIX WEEKENDS of lectures, practical demonstrations  and clinics, in a state of the art natural therapy centre in Bromsgrove, Birmingham. THREE WEEKENDS of living nutrition retreats in our retreat centres in Somerset and Glastonbury.

The course is led by John Jezewski, a qualified  Homeopath and Natural Health Practitioner, since 1992.  John has taught at many homeopathic  colleges, holds seminars and runs Living Nutrition  Retreats both in the UK and Iceland.
Fee £1500 reduced to £1350  (includes all tuition fees, a comprehensive set of notes and videos but excludes accommodation/food at the retreats)

The dates for 2019 are as follows:-
16th and 17th March
13th and 14th April
17th to 19th May (retreat)
15th and 16th June
12th to 14th July (retreat)
14th to 15th September
11th to 13th October (retreat)
16th and 17th November
7th and 8th December


You can book at the Wishing Well, or contact John directly on 07909 992260 or