Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. It encompasses the entire life of a person: body, mind and spirit, ensuring a truly holistic treatment. Originating from India over 4000 years ago it combines medicinal plants with a spiritual and practical side, using massage as the perfect vehicle for its application. Every individual has an energy pattern known as a dosha which can be either vata, pitta or kapha; these are all linked to the 5 elements which connect us such as air, ether, water, fire and earth.

Having determined which dosha you are, a treatment can be uniquely tailored to benefit and heal the presenting issues associated with your dosha. Using hand blended oils to expand the energy within through focusing on marma points of the body (areas where we hold congestion, inflammation and locked emotions/energy) the massage will leave you feeling energised and balanced.

The Ayurvedic massages available include:
Head, neck and shoulder
Full body
Foot and lower leg
Deep stimulating massage with a Pinda Sweda herbal compress which you can also add a detox scrub to to complete the healing experience.

Therapist: Yvonne Toms

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