Andy Hale

My journey as a massage therapist began way back in the 80’s as a competitive Bodybuilder and my seemingly constant need to be ‘unwound’. Although those heady days of training seem a lifetime ago, the benefits of Sports Massage have remained a constant in my life. In fact, following a period of serious illness in 2003, I think it’s fair to say that without the benefits of massage, in its various forms, I would not be able to do half the things I do today.

As a therapist, I specialise in a number of fields including Sports Massage, Lower Back Injuries and Gua Sha (an ancient Chinese form of ‘hands on’ medicinal massage that has been around for over 4500yrs). I am also a fully qualified level 4 Personal Trainer and have worked with GP’s who have referred their clients to me for treatment in addition to ‘chemical’ pain relief. My clients have included those for whom sport is a profession, such as Footballers, Tennis Players, Golfers and Bodybuilders, as well as those for whom sport is purely recreational. Golfers, Runners, Gym Bunnies and Dudes and even the local Darts team. But along with the sports people there are also those who do not wish to take part in sports and those who for whatever reason, cannot take part in sports.

Massage is of benefit to people from all walks of life, whether you’re an office worker, or work on a factory line. I have always maintained that if we all took regular massage, we’d perhaps all be in better shape.

So how do I work with my clients? Well, first we need to determine where the problem lies and what the appropriate treatment is. Whether it’s a one off session to relieve your immediate discomfort and stress from daily life, or a dedicated treatment programme incorporating several elements, from stretching daily to a prescribed routine of intense massage over a number of weeks.

Your initial assessment to determine how to proceed can be carried out at The Wishing Well. Very simply, I will endeavour to put together for you a programme that works, whether your discomfort is longstanding, job related from sitting or standing for long periods, sports related or just simply to feel more energised in daily life. Sometimes we just need to get rid of those tight spots and massage
will do that for you.

To book an initial consultation with me, either in person or by telephone, you can either talk to the amazing staff at The Wishing Well, or you can call me directly. I’d love to hear from you.

I can be contacted on 07739 092700 or at The Wishing Well 01527 570838