Saturday 8th December 2018 – 2-4.30pm

This event is being run by Dionne, she brings artistry to this magical form Yoga Nidra with her unique use of Healing Sound and creative layers of therapeutic modals. Too align, rejuvenate, embrace, heal and grow on our journey of self discovery, wonder, joy and the mysterious dimensions we progress through.

Yoga Nidra is for ALL both Yogis and Non-Yogis, since it includes no movement, no stretching, nor strengthening.

What is Nidra?

Nidra means deep sleep and Yoga is the application of awareness of the body/mind’s union. Therefore Yoga Nidra is ‘a state of consciousness’ deep sleep.

What can you expect?

You will be suspended between all three states; wakefulness, dream and sleep. Through the use of Yoga Nidra and the medicine Sound you will be taken on a journey. Traveling through your brain waves of beta, alpha, theta, delta and then back to a waking state.

During your subconscious state you will have the potential to make real changes to your core-self. It is here, you will cleanse your energies bodies (re-new on a cellular level), and so it is at this place; you experience healing and undergo a growth, be it evident immediately or not. You will be touched by the simply yet profound sense of returning home to yourself!

cost of workshop £30 (concessions £25)

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